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A seasoned project manager seeking to provide strategic solutions to marketing challenges,
with a passion for creativity and an adventurous spirit.


A reliable, motivated, and experienced leader in creative direction, graphic design, project management, and marketing strategy. Skilled at collaborating
cross-functionally, with a focus on business growth and brand evolution. Committed to producing high-quality creative work.

director of creative sercices

Transformed creative workflow by implementing project management tools, conducting training, and introducing creative briefs. This improved efficiency by 20%. Managing 70+ monthly projects and prioritizing first-to-market initiatives. Streamlined distribution of marketing materials to sales force and lead generation funnels, resulting in increased sales and accelerated lead conversion.

Experienced in leading team collaboration, cross-functional process development, and driving team performance through problem-solving and an on-time delivery-oriented approach.

Collaborated with cross-functional teams, fostering inclusivity for exceptional creative concept generation. Presented work to executives and clients to ensure timely, high-quality delivery of concepts through multiple delivery channels.

Effectively managed vendor relationships, overseeing the selection, onboarding process, and goal setting to address ongoing needs and responsibilities.

design department manager

Ensured timely delivery of all creative marketing initiatives, managing and orchestrating comprehensive marketing campaigns across three key business channels including direct to customer and B2B work.

Drove design department expansion by strategically recruiting and onboarding skilled designers, raising design caliber, and enhancing overall efficiency.

Successfully launched comprehensive branding standards, developed and led training, and distribution of creative assets and systems of organization for access.

national design lead

Ensured efficient delivery and quality output by overseeing the daily workflow and execution of marketing campaigns and design requests. 

Continued design responsibilities while managing a team of graphic designers and making focused decisions based on company values.There is more! Just ask.

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